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RDS Railway Deformation System

RDS Railway Deformation System

The RDS System was designed to monitor railway tracks longitudinal and transversal deformation.

The system basically consists of a chain of aluminium beams with incorporated digital tilt meters (for longitudinal deformation monitoring), digital tilt meters mounted on the sleepers (to monitor the twisting of the track), an automatic data acquisition system (recommended the OMNIAlog) with a GPRS-UMTS data transmission and the WMS (Web Monitoring System) web platform software.

RDS is often installed on a railway track section that requires high-precision monitoring due to interference typically caused by tunnelling construction, excavation under or near the railway and if the railway track is possibly affected by landslide and if the track is constructed on a unstable slope. The RDS was successfully installed in many projects for example Milan-Bologna high speed railway, Milan Metro, Rome metro.

The RDS System is the optimal solution for railway track monitoring if the engineers needs high accurate and automatic monitoring within an early warning system avoiding interruption of the rail traffic.